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Spa Day

Spa Day

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Indulge in the serene tranquility of our Spa Day candle, a calming and balanced fragrance crafted to elevate your senses. This delightful blend combines the refreshing notes of lemongrass with the subtle sweetness of black currant, harmoniously balanced by hints of earthy patchouli and sugarcane. Light this candle to transform your space into a sanctuary of relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a luxurious spa experience at home. Whether you're seeking solace in aromatherapy or simply yearning for a moment of serenity, our Spa Day candle offers a soothing escape that transcends the seasons, making it an essential addition to any wellness routine.

  • Wicks are made of lead-free cotton
  • 5.5 oz candles with a 20 to 25-hour burn time
  • Made from Coconut wax which is eco-friendly, is the cleanest burning wax and offers superior scent throw compared to other waxes.
  • Hand-poured with love in sunny Arizona.
  • Scented with essential oils and fragrances.
  • Paraben and phthalate-free

You can either order this as a one-time purchase or a subscription that renews monthly. 

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